Saturday, August 06, 2005

yay i bought my harmonica!! today was quite an interesting outing indeed.

left house at 11+ for ps first. went there to buy some stuff.. then i went to peace centre which is just after paradiz.. but i lazy to walk so i decided to take a bus.. ended up the 106 went the wrong way.. so i had to walk from bras basah road there -.- never trust ur street directory entirely mann. especially if its a 2003 edition. anyways, went to renner music at peace centre.. their internet website is realli outdated.. the most expensive guitar they had there was like 800+ onli. their website got some 5, 6k plus guitars. their whole shop quite run down. i wanted to buy a Marine Band harmonica.. supposed to be veri high quality but they were OUT OF STOCK (as u can see their website is reall outdated) so i reluctantly settled to buy a $10 china made victory harmonica. hmm maybe u want some info on harmonicas.

how u make sound on it is basically u blow through got one sound. u blow out got another. and i have yet to figure out the rest lol like how to play a scale properly. there are 2 types of harmonicas.. chromatic (all notes) and diatonic (notes of a major scale onli). i bought a diatonic harmonica in the key of D (they dint have the G i wanted........ cannot play qing tian -.-) yeah so now im fiddling arnd wif it. its quite remarkable.. the sound is quite nice.. especially to someone like me hu nvr seen or touched one b4.

aft tt went to guitar gallery and tried a 6.5k guitar.. some manuel rodriguez 100th anniversary thingy. most ex guitar i have touched in my life. i played an E major chord and the G# had a buzzing sound -.-'''' i think it costs that much onli cos its craftmanship is nice and has a nice long name. i still like my 1.7k guitar's tone better.

yeah quite a fun day. later im going for band nite. better be gd :)


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