Thursday, August 18, 2005

ac won C div rugby 16-12. yay.

hahah and i did a super RETARDED thing after the match.. i was planning to go to my guit teacher's hse from yio chu kang stadium cos ang moh kio is one station on the right of yio chu kang. i went up the escalator leading to the mrt platform.. then i heard one train jus stopping, so i got on. and guess wad.. wei han and timmy hu were going towards jurong east got on.. and i was like.. wait.... where are u all going?

and then i realised. i was going in the wrong direction. supposed to go towards marina bay. -.-

today i learned quite a number of valuable lessons. 1) CHECK wad direction u r going.. dun anyhow jus jump on a train 2) yio chu kang and khatib stations are like.. 10 mins apart 3) theres some interesting train that goes towards marina bay but terminates at ang moh kio mrt.. i got on one when i alighted at khatib (feeling like a loser).

yeap.. guitar lesson lasted for 50 mins onli.. hahha my teacher had quite a packed schedule. and i think my learning curve is finally starting to INCREASE!! hahah.. crash coursing that concerto aranjuez i played for the concert realli helped me to wake up my ideas. yeap.. and i hope the reality sets in soon that im now a grade 7/8 guitarist.. no more that (slack) grade 6 guitarist... altho i still like to play my pop songs.

okay i gtg now.. cya.


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