Friday, August 26, 2005

woah i tell u todays performance was by far the WEIRDEST performance ever.

ok heres the deal. we report at 2:30, leave late at 3:45, and arrive at plmgps right on time for our sound check at 4:20. we receive a preview of ms ng's funny conducting skills (she never conducted us playing such a funky piece before). we were playing for some methodist teachers dinner. if u think abt it.. its quite WASTE TIME when u go there and play a four minute song.. but u are there for 6h. and i tell u the weather was so hot.. first time i was playing and sweating.

okay the performance in my opinion was realli screwed up.. cos we cudnt hear each other that well (the dinner was held in a converted carpark), we did not have our real conductor, and there was no mike for my solo. lol. but the funny thing was that the teachers were super high.. we walked on stage and our two deputy principals starting waving to us, and the ac teachers were cheering like mad.. like lol. then halfway thru performance my solo starting that time the ac teachers started cheering again.. and i sorta slipped hahah. if they dint cheer at least the table in front of me would have heard me play. then when we went 'hur!' they cheered again. like.. LOL.

yeap anyway today also announced the next year committee and have a briefing. the whole thing was supposed to end at wad.. 9+ but i left sch at 11. nvr trust the stated ending times.

ok enuf from me. goodbye.


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