Monday, August 15, 2005

okay okay i shall break the silence of this blog.

yup anyways i have not been blogging lately cos.. there is nothing to blog abt, unless u want to hear abt wad we do in sch everyday, which u shudnt cos ur wif me in sch everyday anyway, and all the assignments done and undone.. cos it causes demoralisation both ways.

a series of events has happened in my life lately that has completely turned it around. i cannot disclose it cause 1) its too complicated 2) so u wun understand 3) i need to protect myself, if u noe wad i mean.

i have been asking myself a lot of qns lately. and not all the qns i have answers to. sometimes 'What Would Jesus Do?' doesnt apply.. simply cos Jesus cant be in our shoes? i dunno. during this period, i wished i dint noe so much, and also wished that i lived the life of a 'normal' 16 year old.. like ming xuan or zi qiang.. so focused on studies and cca.. and com games. life is so simple eh? but im not that type of person.

being in an all boys school is so simple.. jus everyday go to sch, complain abt everything under the sun, come to exams mug, come to recess slack, and sometimes slack the rest of the day away. hahah i think im going to miss these days.. onli got a few more months left b4 girls come in nxt yr.. and then everything will turn veri complicated.

anyway, thank God for all of u, my classmates from acs.. i admittedly talk the most cock wif u all. doesnt matter if u dun understand wad im saying now.. thx for reading this dying blog anyways.

muhahah.. i finished ihs on saturday.. way ahead of u all last minute rushing pple. ^^


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