Thursday, August 04, 2005

woohoo!! today was a fun day.

today started out kinda cold.. the rain and all. had that australian maths thingy then aft tt a 20min free period.. then a physics prac which i cudnt do cos i din come on monday. had chem test which i was quite confident abt. then we were supposed to go to macritchie reservior for cross country meet.

but then an announcement came over the PA system and said that it was postponed due to the rain!!!

so today was a short day ending at 12:00!!!

hahahah.. so i came home and slept from 1:30 - 3:15. lol i feel veri pig now. whole aftnoon dint do much either. but im quite happy wif slacking today.. still recovering from that bogus LA(B) project chionging FOR NOTHING on tuesday nite. thiru dint even ask us to present ytd lor.

yeap.. tts abt it for now. today is going to be another short day ^^ cos im not involved in ndp and theres no guitar. muha. slacking rox. most of the time.


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