Wednesday, August 10, 2005

and this short flick of national day holidays is ending once again..

well i think i did get a lot of the rest i needed.. evidence is that im feeling bored hahah.. or maybe its just the reluctance to do work. ive been alternating btwn the com and tv for the whole day today.. after i nearly killed both my fingers and my brain in the morning by trying to just read a diploma piece from beginning to the end. i learned nuts lol. ihs stands at 500+ words onli.. and it doesnt realli help when theres no solid info on ur topic. and that ur mentor doesnt realli care.

i've been toying around with the harmonica i bought on saturday and now i sorta noe abt everything that is possible with it.. which isnt a lot. do u noe that a particular note on the harmonica can be bent an entire tone? the onli note i can bend is the E on the first hole.. and that one bends like.. by default. u cant produce an in-tune E. yeah so my theory is 1) the harmonica i bought sux becos it costs $10 2) the harmonica i bought sux cos its made in china 3) the harmonica i bought sux becos it cant bend notes 4) i jus suck.

hahah anyway there isnt much u can play on a harmonica that only has the scale of d major (with some notes missing).. i can play mary had lamb and twinkle star.. as well as a bit of four seasons by vivaldi. i almost killed myself trying to play kanon in D jus now lolol. maybe its time to get a chromatic harmonica.

but one things for sure now.. need to go add more words to that aessay.


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