Saturday, July 23, 2005

this inactive blog.

well its been a week after the concert.. and im like free of everything now.. guitar has stopped and i have been evicted of st johns wifout a promotion.. well serves me right right? lolol. so im super free now.. but dun seem to be ahead of anybody in terms of work. hahahah i feel real slack.. altho im actually doing work at home.. b4 the concert i was putting work off manz.

yeah this week at sch was quite sian.. usuall stuff wif a slight number more of free periods. onli remember the incident on monday wif the thread, duster and venu.. lol was quite comical. i hav also been doing mep compo.. but will stop quite soon cos i already have 44 bars.. quite a lot liao.. can put off to a later date :P

so. there are lots of stuffs waiting. in order of priority: physics tys and test, the 2 maths ws, the la(b) seminar, the ihs assignment, and the meaning of life. im now trying to chiong chinua achebe.. onli at chap 11.. but thats already halfway thru ^^ but long way to go -.-

okays tts abt it. lol and i onli remembered there was chamber tonight this morning. almost forgot abt it.


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