Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yay i think im finally recovering!! after 1 wk. but my throat still a bit pain.

hmm i think u all are quite interested to noe wad we are going to play for the concert so here is as much as i remember:

Brazillian Street Dance
Sunrise (somewhat african and comical piece)

-Duets and small groups-*

Desafinado (swing/jazz)
Tears In Heaven
Sevilla (classical spanish piece)

Sec 4 quartet: a super abridged version of 'Yesterday'
Koyunbaba (abstract solo piece by me ^^)

Adagio from Concerto Aranjuez by Rodrigo (supposedly the most famous guitar concerto)
Bass Dance (renaissance/baroquish piece)
Spain Chick Corea (our 2nd syf piece.. veri spanish.. veri nice)

*-the duets and small groups play a range of nonsense.. from cute music by jap composers to retarded sounding spanish stuff.

okay. today was quite slack in school. or rather i was quite slack. my brain is in quite a terrible state. im falling asleep during physics, chem, and maths. and they are supposed to be my niche subjects. lol.

anyways it was raining just now.. and i noticed how me and my father somehow become cranky everytime it rains on a tuesday. lol it is realli scary to be in the same car as my father when he is cranky. like.. he steps on the pedal totally randomly.. hahahah. and lots of other stuff. on getting out of the car, i walk to the music school and open the door.. and realised i pulled it too hard lol. luckily nothign broke. but on rainy days i somehow just walk arnd like i can walk into a wall and the wall would collapse.

kk tts all cya.


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