Sunday, July 03, 2005

hey everybody.. i cudnt resist blogging now after seeing this funny catchphrase on my fren's msn nick: "Nietzche is dead" - God

anyways, the past 2 days have been spent non stop guitarring.. friday 4 - 7, saturday 8 - 1. and went to cut my hair after tt but now it looks quite obiang. was so tired i slept from 4 - 7 ytd and cudnt sleep last nite.. and woke up terribly tired today. today went to church and i remember the lesson was on lying. hahahah.. is lying realli becoming a norm today? or are the pple just lying to the survey. i dunno.

me and one of my close church frens are going to have chinese oral on the same day - 11/7. hahaha.. so he said we could 'die together' and we were joking abt it non stop after church.. trying to translate english stuff into chinese. mann our chinese standards are seriously terrible. i think i shall go revise the shou ches to revive my chinese vocab.

tml theres suddenly an outing wif mark @ heeren 12:30.. lolz i was planning to do hw!! nvm i shall chiong as much as possible tonite.

yawns. so much for a happy youth day. still got a bit of physics testpaper, physics quiz, c maths paper and half of a maths ws to go. lala.


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