Monday, July 11, 2005

hahah i wonder if moe will find its way here mannz.

aft a morning of complete ponning of classes cos of charity bazaar, the bunch of us HCL dropouts proceeded to the auditorium for o lvl chinese oral. i thot i was the 9th person so wun be so bad rite?

ok for starters i was quite sick liao.. then like 5 pple cut our queue.. i dint get to see the passage until after 2 1/2h. and i din noe u cud visit the toilet lol so i was dying by then. hahah but tts jus the beginning of the story.

the passage was quite okay lah.. but a lot of medical terms. and i nvr see chinese words for a long time.. so quite kanfused.. but managed to get 95% of the words right.

'lao shi wu an' and i sit down.. started reading. not too long into the 2nd paragraph a handphone belonging to one of the examiners on the far right side of the auditorium began to ring. and it was some obiang ringtone lol. forcing myself to press on, i jus concentrate, altho stumbling over every other word. not too long into the third paragraph, the examiner sitting on my left started to blow her nose super hard. (imagine me blowing my nose.. and yah tts wad happened)

the conversations were okay.. I HOPE. the examiners realli acted quite impatient lah. there was one sentence where i jus cudnt put a word at the end of. then one of the examiners finished my sentence for me -.- i think i talked far less than all those hu went b4 me lor.. i think the teachers too kancheong to finish liao.

wah i tell u ar.. if i dun get my distinction (or at least a merit) and my minimum B3, im going to write a complain letter in perfect chinese and gong han style to moe to komplain man. when i reached home and told my mom and tuition teacher abt this, they asked if the examiner hu blew her nose apologised or not.. and of cos not (typical sgrean behaviour.. lol) and they were like.. 'so rude'. hahahah. nvm.. final leg.. listening compre on friday. and there better not be anymore nansense. lol.


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