Saturday, July 16, 2005

the day after.

so. its the day after the concert.

yay i made it thru my 3 solos!! hahah. thx to yo, timmy, david, marcus lim, and rayan hu came in the end.. and li jin for slipping in after his prefect duty hahah. thx for shouting and cheering!! haha.

phew i realli feel veri free now. guitar will now settle down.. and CHINESE FOR THIS YEAR IS (almost) OVER!!!! yeah. hahah listening compre was quite crappy.. was joking to sern b4 it started that if they closed the audi door and cut off reception to the 20 or so radios i would laff. and it happened!!!! lol. so while we were trying to concentrate on the man and lady hu were toking so quickly over the radio we were constantly being interrupted by farting noises of static produced by the radios. nansense.

kk.. hope u all enjoyed the concert as much as i enjoyed playing in it!! the darker secrets of ACSGO FOA 2005 shall be released at a later date.. anyone hu PANGSEHED my concert feel free to ask me for recordings :P


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