Wednesday, July 27, 2005

dun ever do maths when ur pissed. cos it will make u more pissed.

the amount of work is realli getting unreasonable.. it seems i just finished an assignment or FOUR last week.. and somehow the maths homework has flowed back again. ad maths is due on friday and im halfway thru. not onli that.. there is chem and core maths waiting (dunno due date when.. but it will come at an unexpected time). chem quiz on friday, chem test and core maths test on next wednesday. wads more my grp has LA(B) presentation on nxt wednesday too. like gd luck to us lor. why do all teachers think the same way.. as in is wednesday realli the best day to hold EVERYTHING?!? i am so anti work now. even when i got no cca, there is still no time. doesnt help that mep ended at 6pm today.

sigh. realli cant wait for friday.


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