Sunday, January 01, 2006

here goes nothing!!

today is new years day!! happy new year!! i think i will start this new year by revealing to you my blog that i have kept in secret for more than a year, created for my church frens.. hahah i created that blog so i cud blog more personally.. and also to avoid tagboard spam lol. but i think its time that u all can see wad goes on in my spiritual life, some of which i have been hiding. but anyways i post the same post on both blogs 80% of the time.. hahah so it doesnt really matter, accept for some of the more sensitive issues. but its now open for all to see. but if u cant understand it (which u most likely wont) just keep reading this spot.

the past year has definitely been an exciting one.. with the once quiet but now siao class of 4.15.. u all rock haha. from being called no synergy to organising 3 successful class gatherings in the past holiday (sorry i pangsehed one lol), thx to pple like ryan, brendan, yeap.

as always, i am SO reluctant and sad sch is starting again. hahah i dont really like change u see. but its inevitable. but slacking and daydreaming still rocks lol. anyways, heres a faint outline of my goals for nxt year:
1. continue with at least my spiritual goal of memorising 3 verses a week.. hahah as the verses accumulate it gets more and more difficult.
2. find more time to talk to God.. i thought i cud use long bus rides or travelling time.. but its not condusive.
3. help out in every way needed for the youth group
4. take the guitar ATCL recital exam.
5. survive my first year of IBDP.. hahah its been a longggggg time since i last talked to girls who are the same age as me.

yeap tts abt it.. i thank God for the past year and all its challenges!! and i trust in Him to guide me in the year ahead.


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