Saturday, January 21, 2006

day out with timmy

today i went out with timmy!! to peninsula plaza!!

we basically walked around the whole shopping centre.. i bought 2 sets of strings, one pack savarez and one pack d'addario exp. strings at davis are how cheap lah. savarez cost 14 and exp cost 12. prices at bukit timah plaza were 17 and 27. like... im never going back to bukit timah plaza unless absolutely necessary. haha.

aft tt timmy went on a quest to find a mini amp!! and we did find one.. that runs on a 9V batt. hahah super cute lah. no need to lug giant amps arnd wherever u go.. just that it can go only slightly louder than my 1.7k classical onli. but it costs $50. haha. too bad it cant be used for bass guitar.

and we went to look for shoes too. timms wanted to buy mizuno.. we dint find any until we entered the last shop on the top floor of the shopping centre. haha.. but i think tims shoes are quite nice.. just that they need a bit of cheating thru the sch rules, but the teachers dun realli conduct uniform checks anyway.

and i went to cut my hair. going to QB is so FUN man. everytime u go there u come out with different hairstyle. so exciting hor. got free comb some more. lol.

yeap tts abt all. if i feel good i might do some homework tonite. haha


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