Friday, January 13, 2006

hey all!! im back for another weekend!!

well not that sch is bad. just not used to the schedules thats all. this wk has been quite slack cos its still bridging. my latest updates on my class is that it onli contains 4 pre-ib pple!! lolol. but i think its a nice quiet class. i prefer it much to a class where there are loudmouths hehe. oh and this will be the 5th year i will be studying in the same class as kenneth lui lol. nxt yr will make 6.

its well into the first 2 wks of sch and im proud to say that i have not held a conversation lasting more than 5 mins with a girl. hahahahah. i dunno.. was having a conversation with brendan that day abt this. i tell u we sounded so comical talking on this issue.. we're both just as clueless. but we will find out more sooner or later heheh. yeap but for now im sticking close to 4.15 '05 pple!!

ok tts abt all.. tml got piano class. cya.


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