Thursday, January 26, 2006

5 random things abt me. from yofattz blog.

1. i'm a closet jay chou fan. bet u nvr knew that. ha.
2. i've been learning piano longer than guitar.
3. i used to wear high pants, high sox, have side parting, and wear thick specs. not that my specs now are very thin. :P
4. its been almost five years since i was baptised. was baptised on valentines day, 2001, when i was p6. yeapyeap.
5. oh and did i mention i play guitar?

yeap. this wk sch has been ok i guess. becoming more and more used to it everyday but i doubt i will be truly used to it. and i think i shudnt cos thats when i have completely 'conformed to the world'. 5.13 class' dynamics is quite ok.. but there is no one veri veri gd fren i have in my class. my two closest frens in my class are kenneth lui, who is an extravert, and jerel, who is an introvert like me.. but half of the time i am totally detached from him. i dunno.. but i guess its time to make frens again. and all the other guys in my class who are not scholars are extraverts. except kevin i think. and i think there is a lot of ostracising going on in class. haiz so sad. 4.15 '05 still rox.. best study environment ever.

yup so i think i am going to try to learn how to learn how to be an extravert (again^2)!! its like learning how to use ur left hand when ur right handed. just that i have learnt how to use it twice b4.. i still remember how to use extraversion in church, a more familiar environment, but not so much in sch. some thoughts. everyday i have to become a new person over and over again.

today had guit prac. first time i conducted sectionals. and seriously.. they have become SLACKtionals. probably the fault of my batch of pple. was too slack last yr already. if onli i cud lead a GOACS revolution.. but its realli difficult. the guit orch's dynamics is also veri upset.. with all the last yr sec 1s coming in.. just that our orchestra pieces are of much much much higher standard than during my time. yups. and i shall clock my 3h of CAS for today. :P

ok tts abt it. long post haha. cya.


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