Saturday, January 07, 2006


i just came back from my 4th piano class. hahah and my teacher who speaks chinese isn't so bad after all.. just that she cannot teach the more in depth stuff that my guitar teacher can.. like musicality and phrasing. but she can spot where i dun observe rests >.< hahah and today i had a masterclass with the head teacher of the school, sylvia ng (its part of the music school education u see). and she is HOW PRO. hahah i only saw her for.. 20 minutes? but the explosion of energy she gives.. just makes you want to play piano more!! i played for her my 2 trump pieces that i cudnt even play till the end.. sonatina in C by mozart and chopin's nocturne in Eb. and she thinks i shud go learn fantasie impromptu -.-

but she is holding the musical side of me that i am missing so badly.. phrasing, tone.. things that my guitar teacher has been trying so hard to teach me but he cudnt do it to the max, probably cos of his personality. too bad i cant change my personality so quickly to have an explosion of energy that wud have the most naughty of children captivated. but thats what sylvia ng has!! hahah i loveeeeeee meeting pro pro musicians. yeah but i only get to masterclass with her once a month.

feeling better. i shall go sleep.


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