Sunday, November 13, 2005

ok heres the website from oxford:

hahah i think the website makes the course sound realllll nice. but look at the number of pple they admit a year. 55. success rate 41.9% (actually quite high for courses at oxford liao hahah)

currently the situation is looking quite bleak for me after IB diploma. currently, the onli way to study music in uni for me is to 'zong' a scholarship that lets me study music, if not, its way too expensive. 2nd option (if option 1 fails): get a scholarship to study engineering and do a double degree. 3rd option(if option 2 fails): study engineering, become an engineer, and when i have enuf marney, go overseas and study music. option 4 (when all of the above fails): quit school and start teaching (joking.)

moe scholarships website:
most likely scholarship wud be teaching scholarship.

also, if i want to study music, i need to find a uni that has a guitar faculty and a guitar big shot there.. if not might as well not study music. hence higher music education in singapore actually has no future for classical guitarists, cos they would end up refering u to some yamaha tutor even tho ur in the university (according to my conductor).

found this too:
testimony that music education in singapore has (almost) no future for the classical guitarist.

so sad hor.

will be reading up a heck lot more on my future.

but for now.. i need my guitar grade 7 :)

anyone hu has advice pls tag :P


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