Tuesday, November 08, 2005

today was a sad day for sergei prokofieff.

his life and biography was massacared in a 12 mark essay by more than half of the mep students at acsi. (except for yingda lah.. hu actually studied something. and chris cheong, pipetius and oliver the natural pros) things that never occured in his life suddenly took place, and places he never ventured to he explored and met great people.

or in my essay at least.

sigh. oh and i realli do hope they accept my answers in pencil for the whole of the harmony paper. if not i cud well get a sub-distinction grade. boohoo.

many other tricksy qns were like the composers and periods for the first 2 extracts... the first abstract actually sounded classical to me.. but there was no classical composer hoho. so decided to tick scarlatti and put baroque period, cos first qn usually is from baroque period? hahah dunno. but something that contradicted my answer was that one of the sub-questions asked to mark down dynamic markings of a crescendo and decrescendo. now that wudnt happen in the baroque period.

2nd extract sounded romantic.. so lots of pple ticked romantic, and dvorak. but i decided to tick classical with the guy whose name started with M which i cant remember. muhahah cos the extract had WW and brasses in pairs. and melody line given predominantly to the violins. I DUNNO. I WILL NEVER NOE.

sigh. bye.


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