Tuesday, November 15, 2005

yipeeeeee!!! ITS OVER!!!

muhahah. todays grade 7 exam was ok!! i hope. hahah the examiner is the most blur one i've had in a long time. shes from dunno where and is a pianist and choir teacher or smth (as u can see they seriously dun have enuf guitarists in the world, sending a vocalist to examine a guitarist). pieces generally okay apart from the occasional buzz or slip of string. scales ok too.. except A major 3 octaves which i screwed up (i hope she thinks becos of nervousness) and the spasticated dominant 7th arpeggio in the key of G played with imam fingering. like wadever man. as if u noe wad that means lol. they realli shud not give so many ways for guitarists to play scales.. its realli confusing hahah... change of tone, change of dynamics, change of fingering, change of rhythm... man. every scale u play must remember four things.

aural. haha i corrected the examiner.. cos grade 7 supposed to clap and sing the bottom line. budden she thot it was top line. maybe i shud have just let it be lol. so guai. basically i was wondering why the thing was so long (about 12 notes) but altho she made some mistakes in playing the thing for me, she kindly played the bottom line super loud ^^. but in the end, i gave her back some distorted rhythm and some melody which i made up myself. lol. i think i pwned the cadence and modulation, the piece description so-so. and i learnt something new today.. the dominant chord of a minor key is actually major in nature. yay. luckily she gave me 2nd chance hahah.

sight reading. b4 i made it to the end she ask me start liao. wahhh. hahah but luckily it was in A major, quite ok for guitarists, but in 9/8 time signature, which i had never done b4.. so i played the notes almost all correct, with absolutely no sense of rhythm or dynamics lol.

yeap tts abt it, not to mention the room was freeeezing. hahah thank God i made it out alive :P and whatever results that i get, it doesnt matter cos its in God's hands now.

kk, cya.


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