Monday, November 07, 2005



tml is d-day. hahah honestly i dint think i wud study until my current (tragic) state. too tired liao.

anyways, if u happen to be bored at home wif nothing to do, go watch this vids:

hahah even tho mep is so killer, why do i still want to do music? i still think that its more interesting studying music than some engineering thingy.. but my decision is still not made up yet. if i cannot make my music option clear by the end of this hols, there is a possiblity that i will change my subject comby to higher phys chem and maths. but found some info a few days ago.. managed to access the oxford uni website and looked thru the course on music.. hahah it looks incredibly attractive.. and i seem to be able to fulfill most of the requirements... onli thing is that they take in 55 pple from the whole world a year (!!!) yeapp so thats jus one of the options.


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