Monday, November 14, 2005


today was my annual visit to brendan's hse (in simei). hahah last year i dropped by around the same time becos i had to perform at tampines JC for my guit teacher.. so might as well say hi to brendan lolol. did the same this year too. brendan has a nice big house wif a nice big room all to himself. hahah i wish my room was as big as his.. a plastic bag filled with old books in his room is nothing. a plastic bag filled with old books in my room is a potential hazard cos i might trip over it :P

yeap so i checked out wad brendan does on average days during the holidays.. playing with his com, listening to his stash of (pirated) chinese cds, and basically staying home and feeling sian. hahah no wonder his LA is so good.. so much time to think (both at home, and on journeys to other parts of singapore (: )

kk tts abt it.. tml is guitar grade 7 but i dun feel like practising cos i feel like the right side of my brain is kinda jammed.. woke up at 6:50 this morning to go for the perf.. napping dint help hahah. so i shall hope for the best and let God guide my fingers, and all the sensory perception i need for the exam. cya.


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