Wednesday, June 29, 2005

okayy. im just taking a break from work. lala.

on monday thiru asks for ERP assignment due next wednesday.

Chen Yi chiongs ERP and feels happy after finishing. yippee.

on tuesday carol low asks for chem article due on thursday. also gives out worksheet to be due on thursday.
low we fong asks for holiday testpaper due on friday.
thiru reminds us abt chapter analysis presentation for me on friday.

Chen Yi chiongs chem article and feels happy after finishing. yippee^2

on wednesday low we fong gives extention to next tuesday. yippee.
pat soo asks for physics holiday testpaper to be due on friday.
Oh and class teacher also says subject option forms should be in on thursday, tts tml.

Chen Yi comes home to chiong physics testpaper and after doing half of paper 2 arrives in front of the com puking from the amount of homework that Chen Yi has to do. Chen Yi feels depressed.

in order of priority:
Subject option form!!!
chem ws (due tml but being disregarded)
physics testpaper!!!
Lang arts presentation
core maths testpaper.

now i noe why the express stream did so badly for mid years. veri soon venu will be demanding his testpaper too and Chen Yi will collapse from stress. hurray.


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