Tuesday, June 07, 2005

hey. its been some time. ok heres a short update of my life before i disappear to malaysia from tml to sat for church camp.

saturday was the last day of work.. we were overjoyed!! but we dint really say gdbye to anybody.. but we can always pay them a visit when we go to town. yeap.. then sunday was church, and ytd was guitar in the morning, and a mass shopping trip from bras basah to ps, then watch madagascar, and then walk the whole of ps again wif brendan. lolol. i dun hav the stamina i used to have... maybe its cos of the work experience.

today will prob be slacking at home.. my bag more or less pack finish.. later mus go sch to collect some st johns nonsense.. aiyo. then got piano class.. but i have no heart to do the hw lol. yeaps.. tts abt it, other than the phenominal feat i have to pull off of learning the 2nd mvt of the most famous guitar concerto ever in 1 month Oo mr choo told me its an FRSM piece. fellowship royal boards of musicke. and chris cheong and ms ng thot it sounded easy. heheh. u shud see how i practice. i finish practising the first 4 bars of chords and im like.. 'ouch' from barring too much.

k then, cya all when i come back!!


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