Monday, June 27, 2005

heyy. first day of sch wasnt so bad.

today was kinda slack.. cos got some super long principals message.. then got a bit of integration revision.. and then PE where we played tennis using table tennis bats.. then slacked thru 2 lang arts classes and free geog. then another slack PC talk. bargh but this week theres st johns day!! on friday.. and unfortunately i havent quit st johns yet. well this year no need to march for once.. but i dunno wad will be going on.. and i also dun even noe if i will get promoted or not.. most likely not in my opinion. if im not getting promoted then im just in st johns so that i can keep my sgt rank and try not to get demerit points so i can get my guitar honours day award :))

i dunno but im still feeling veri awake now at 10:20.. just finished ERP and gave up after doing 2 qns of a math. went to play guitar until my whole arm cramped after 3 rounds of aranjuez cadenza and here i am lolol. okay this is so boliao.

yay nxt monday is a holiday!!


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