Monday, June 20, 2005

heyhey. i am finally back.

this was probably the longest 'blogging recession' that has occured ever. lol. basically last week was spent rehearsing for my church's acapella concert held last nite. thx to brendan, fattz, and li jin hu came altho u all took the bus in the wrong direction :P

yeap.. last year during the middle 2 weeks of june hols i grew very close to my church frens, this year was no exception. i have realli made many new frens and toked wif pple i nvr toked wif. also a warning when i go back to sch, i will be more siao then ever. pple sitting arnd me beware. muhahah.

anyways, im realli realli reluctant and quite sad to leave this sheltered 2 weeks wif my church frens, cos i noe once sch work kicks in a lot of stuff will crumble away, and pple will start drifting, and even for myself, i will have my own stuff to take care of.. especially guitar concert lor. why cant they get one more alto guitar for ME. its super obiang to play until the 19th fret on my standard guitar lor. lolol. and concerto aranjuez is still in pieces.. i seriously dunno man. nvm.. will see the orchestra score on wednesday (hopefully), and maybe ms ng will see the light. heheh. but there seems to be no way out realli. poor me. guitar prac is smth like 10 - 6 on wednesday!?! wadeva man. haiz.

my maths homework is still wif moli.


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