Friday, June 03, 2005

finally, today is my off day.

the past few days hav been quite hectic.. i was working on sunday 10 - 6, then monday had chinese os.. and then tues - ytd was working 2 - 10. it is realli realli realli tiring i tell u. u noe on the first day on the job i could hold the door open wifout stopping it wif my feet... now cannot liao lol. well at least ive stopped dreaming about the job.. jus that i dun dream at all.. lol.

the last 3 days hav been quite monotonous.. nth much la. dint get to deliver much stuff.

yeah.. tts the monotonous hyatt bellboy life. it pays $5 an hour btw.. so tt means we shud be getting at least $360 in pay.. but doubt we will get it. ah well cya.


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