Monday, February 21, 2005

well its decided.. i wun take music in ib in sch, but i will still pursue guitar, theory and piano outside.

reasons are as follows..
1) if u wan to go overseas to a music uni to study, u need a scholarship. nt impossible, but real difficult.
2) its like wasting the 6th option... cos wad can u do wif HL maths, HL science and SL econs? wad university wud accept u... might as well take chem or smth.
3) if u wan to enrol into a course in a sg uni, i doubt they will look at ur HL music. maybe say wah. and tts all.
4) wad gd does mep do to u... teach u prokofiev life... and wad.. jus compo and perf.. its all can do outside one.

yea.. maybe reason no. 5 cud be tt we all cant stand the mep teachers... so chris cheong, get ready to have maybe a 3-man class in year 5. naha.

anyways... this is nt the end of my music 'career'... will still pursue music. i sound sad but i realise tt this is the onli way lah... knew it all along in my heart.. jus needed someone to tell it to me.... thank God for smart parents.

oh wellz.. off to do chinese speech...


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