Tuesday, February 22, 2005

yay.. an early midweek breath of air from schwork. haha.. somehow it feels like the weekend already.. but its nt.

theres (almost) no homeowrk today, so im quite happy. today in school i was super cranky, was doing lots of stupid stuff like drawing the wrong information on the wrong axis for graphs, and spraying water all over the table during chem lab. somehow i found out tt when im cranky i tend to talk lots and lots of nonsense.. and so happened today was oral.. i think my crankiness was wad helped me to get thru the CHINESE oral 4 minutes of non stop speech wif no prompt cards allowed. heheh. funny thing was that chinese teacher's radio cudnt record audio stuff at all lolz. so we bought cassette tape for nth.

anyways, jus now went for piano class.. had my first piano lessonin a looooong time. tried to play mozart's sonata.. sounded like an ultra joke lah lol.. cant even make it past first 2 bars without making a booboo. was laffing inside myself non stop lol. but i felt slightly better after i heard my teacher play.. she oso cant sight read it perfectly!! hahahahaz.

yea.. tts all for today... hope i get well from my cold soon.


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