Thursday, February 17, 2005

wow. its been a long time since i last hit this spot.

this week has been a mass rollercoaster. monday was still okay.. until chinese period on tuesday. this is the first time i scored lowest in class for test.. 40/100... i mean.. 48 wud have looked a bit nicer on the paper but i got 40 yah. honestly ar.. felt like crying. before tt i kept on saying tt i wanted to drop higher chinese.. budden inactual fact, i actually believed tt i was capable of doing higher chinese. but now.. hmm.

anyways, been spending the rest of the previous days making sure tt i dun run into anymore slip ups wif the chinese teacher.. this test is already a bad mark... other than the fact tt she saw me copying answers from the back of a wb right in front of her.. =P okay dun do tt.. 'ur only cheating urself' lol.

yeah.. 'remission' sorta came ytd nite.. my first nite tt i cud sleep well. my sight reading is actually visibly improving now!! yay. haha.. but i 'still cant get the scholarship at the rate ur playing now' says my guit teacher. wah.. my writing is goign all POD-ish.. i'm quoting pple!! hahahaha. too siao liao.

okays cya.. shall go watch AI now.


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