Tuesday, February 08, 2005

i think i owe my blog an update.

CNY is here. but i still sick... dunno lah. today was veri hot lah.

anyways heres wad we did today. or at least i did..

wake up in the morning after less than 6h of sleep to come to sch. jam in sch, then aft tt came my hse to jam. timmy's bass is veri nice to play larh. veri light.. colour oso nice :P if i start saving now maybe end of yr can buy... lolol.

aft tt play ping pong. my face has a magnet for stuff nt metal right in btwn my eyes. shant say any more. lolz.

aft tt ar.. wah. at clementi was super hot and humid lah. macs was too crowded.. so me timmy brendan went coffeeshop. so happens chinese new yr eve all the stores closed.. so left all the (spicy) malay stalls.. so we were like.. tongues dying lolz.

aft tt come home i too exhausted.. take nap. then tuan yuan, aft tt mass halo for almost 2h. oh and i got a kiltecular... 4 kills in 1... cos red team pple walking in 1 big grp of pple larh.. so retard.. so i drive my blue team hog right thru... and then i see my screen.. triple kill, kiltecular. LOLOL. if onli my volume were a bit louder. then could have heard the narrator guy.

yeah... anyway tts all... wishing everybody happy CNY.


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