Friday, February 11, 2005

helloz everybody!! here to update again. wellz. its been quite an eventful chinese new year hol. first on tuesday wif jamming session and tuan yuan, then day1 wif visiting grandma and tuan yuan again, then day2, church visitations.

the day before day 1
i wan to buy a bass man!!! lol. timmy has inspired me... heheheheh. its within budget range too.. $180 is preetty affordable. maybe end of the year. no need to buy amp, can use my electric one. anyways, i oso must go and improve my piano skills.

chu yi
in the morning went to visit my grandma, then at night had tuan yuan fan wif mum's side.. its a big family hahaha. needs 2 10 seater tables at the restaurant to fit us. its realli fun.. cos can tok to my 2 crazy cuzzins.

chu er
welll... it wasnt realli visitations until the afternoon cos my father is hosting 1 of the locations for church visitations.. so jus stay at home and teach kids the saddist game LF2. heheh. in the afternoon went to someone's elses hse to play guitar again hahahaha. jamming wif my church pple is real fun.. cos i cant sing for nuts.. but their singing is realli realli pro.. so we make a great band. and my improvising is getting better too.. i actually sound in tune when i play top line improvised lines. fun.

chu san
hmm... teachers always tend to spoil our hols.. cos they think they are the onli one giving homework.. so give a bit more nvm rite.. how will it affect their holiday. if onli 6 teachers dint think like that at the same time. oh and they also think 14/2 valentines day on monday is a great deadline for hw. so there are like wad.. 3 deadlines on that day. today i spent the whole morning doing maths, then afternoon play piano, then do chem article. still got lots to go.. but i dowan to do liao lolz. i think i jus finish the chem concept map i happy liaoz.

kk.. cya.


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