Friday, July 06, 2007

the most insane exam ever finally over!! and with the most insane exam comes the most relieved feeling ever.

music was alright i guess but it seems nowadays nothing's alright until you actually get the papers back. the maths teachers also decided to be kind to us to give us an okay paper 2 today.

FINALLY watched transformers today with zeke, justin, fattz, weihan, oswald and timmy. the action sequences are really quite good i must say. really enjoyed the movie. and i like the heroic one-liners that optimus prime makes. haha.

but of course there are shortfalls.. one of them being the inadequate development of the transformers characters themselves. action sequences that keep switching to humans are quite distracting. those people who watched the original tv series probably find the movie deviating a bit from the original storyline. but overall, its one of the best movies i've watched ever.

yeap. now its slack time. for a while at least.


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