Wednesday, December 14, 2005


today i went shoe shopping with my cousin.. he bought a nice pair of nikes. all who go to queensway beware!! nike has now controlled the amount of discount queensway can give on nike products to 15%.. so stuff is slightly more expensive now. saw quite a lot of nice shoes.. a bumble bee coloured nike shox, yellow asics speedster, the new updated gel landreth II (mine is gel landreth I hahah), new balance 900, and a new red coloured new balance 901. but i dont think i will buy the new balance models.. they have practically no arch. arches are impt. mhmm. but i dun think i will be buying a new pair of shoes for another year unless my asics happen to catch fire or something. lol.

after that went to ikea.. ikea is a nice place to get cheap but reasonable looking furniture. was looking for a nice chair for me to play guitar.. but i think my current one (also from ikea) is still ok. hahah nothing matches my vision of a bright red chair, slightly textured and inviting with no arm barriers, correct height, all inviting to play guitar!! hahah maybe i shud make my own. so i bought a set of cards instead. and its seriously not worth it to queue up just to pay for a set of cards. shud come mass shopping with my family sometime hahah.

yeap thats abt it. love is a mystery


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