Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my scores from the USA are hereeeeeee!!!!

but i'm not going to open them yet. shall save the glee for monday.
tres piezas espanolas by rodrigo (which is in both LTCL and FRSM and which i dont expect to learn so quickly but will be one of my life's goals) and suite espanola by albeniz arranged for guitar by manuel barrueco, some of the movements are in both licentiate diplomas.

and the postman had to go and stuff it into my house mailbox lah -.-

its been quite a long day, made it through renaissance music, baroque, and classical. now listening to mozart's eine kliene nachtmusik, which translated means 'a little night music' :) during the classical period the classical music of the day was well.. pop music! haydn wrote 104 symphonies, and mozart 41.

music is also a lot about economics. when there is demand, there will be supply. and if demand is great enough the wages of the producers would be higher. during the period of 1750 to 1820 vienna was just the place for it, and the truly talented from that period could be said to be quite duly rewarded. too bad it isnt quite so today, with the current market clearing conditions for classical music.


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