Thursday, October 04, 2007

it's all samsara, i tell you

okay so prelim results today, and yeah i guess i did quite okay.

the biggest disappointment has to be english, with a 22 mark, 2 grade drop.

physics was good, managed to break 7 for the first time.. like.. ever :))))

the rest were okay i guess, and 37 really isn't a bad score at all, even though i was a bit disappointed at first. i really thank God for it, and i'm also thankful for friends like zeke who overwhelms me with his optimism. lol. and yes, we normal people have more capacity to improve than say someone with 41/42 :P

congratulations also to justin woo for obtaining the spot of the Highest Scoring Male for music, all you needed to do was to pass the written paper to get it. and don't tell me 'but' or 'i can't get a 7 for the real thing' cos i know you CAN.

and yes, despite the highly subjective nature of grading subjects like music (and english), music is so much more than grades and the way its subject to so many interpretations gives it its beauty. i now go into the music exam with an attitude that i like music and that's why i'm doing it, not to show i can be better than someone or get a higher grade than someone. i also have to admit that mrs li's encouragement of telling us to lift our chins up and push for the final and not care about the IAs that are already submitted makes sense.

we will never know how ib computes the scores for ANY subject; our school just uses percentages as an estimate. the interesting thing is that for me i havent been able to consistently score 40+ (actually i havent been able to reach it yet haha) but the thing is i've scored a 7 for each subject some time or another over these 2 years in the exams, just not all at the same time. and i guess these sorta grades really makes me put my trust in God to plan my revision schedule and guide me each step of the papers, cos i cannot say that i will be able to obtain a high grade on my own strength. and i guess every point above 40 would be a bonus for me when results come out next year.

here's a verse from ecclesiastes 4:4 that i think solomon was a real genius to think up (he was the wisest man who ever lived anyway) and i guess it really is quite true: 'And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.'

oh and mrs li has no sample scripts of how music students around the world answer their written papers, as in the strategies involved and stuff like that, so i guess we as the first batch would be doing a little trial and error with the way we answer those extracts that we have a measly 25mins to answer. but next year's batch would have a slight advantage - see who from this year scores well next year then can ask for tips lol.


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