Wednesday, October 31, 2007

500th post.

it is the last day of october already and the start of november brings with it the commencement of the ib exams; i shall not state the exact countdown to the first paper, but yes, it is very very near.

within these 2 1/2 or so weeks of study break, i've learnt several things that are crucial, and if ur in the IB programme you would like to know:
1. nothing can beat consistent work.
(a) 3 wks is not very short, but it isn't very long either. 3 wks can change some things, but most of subject knowledge is established during the 2 years.
(b) if you have a textbook for subjects like econs e.g. magee, ian dorton, pls go and read them no matter how taxing it is when you still have the time, not 3 wks b4 the exams like i did for units 2 and 3. yeah yeah people will be calling you mugger but just wait till exams for the last laugh.

2. after content mastery practice is the key.

3. if you really are at a loss for english paper 2, which i am now, reading sparknotes does help to some extent i feel. even if teachers tell you that ib markers are probably the ones who wrote sparknotes and don't rely on it blah blah blah, at the end of the day its better to write sense from sparknotes than irrelevant stuff from all those overtly chim siddhartha critiques.

a satirical musical composition to go. i've always wanted to do one of these to defy the rules in composition class. the best i could do was a compo with negative dynamics. this one is 6.02x10^23 times worse than mine.

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