Thursday, September 13, 2007

we're ahead of our time

we're a privileged batch, us first-time AC IB students. it seems that some other top schools such as the school of the arts is heading in the direction of IB also, and by the time the first batch of students from the school of the arts graduates about 5 batches of year 6s would have obtained their next most important academic qualification following the PSLE. And perhaps Dr Ong would not be too far off in terms of achieving his dream of acs being the top IB world school haha.

it's surprising that the school of the arts is offering IB, after all you can only choose one group 6 subject to specialise in, and requires students to be very all rounded. it also seems that the head of departments don't have any experience with the IB, but perhaps they'll get parallels of our mdm priya, mr dumortier, mr eric and the like to help out.

and the head of music is joyce koh, the lady who came to conduct the composition masterclass and look at justin's emo cheena compo, and who composes some 'postmodern' kinda stuff. i guess it would be interesting to be in that new programme, but i don't have any regrets going through the acsi music programme. yeah some areas could definitely be improved, but if not for my time in acs, i would have not: 1) learnt the hardcore mugger way of studying music, 2) learnt the ultra deep analysis of setworks concerto for orchestra and classical symph I & II, 3) learnt the classical guitar AND met my guitar teacher, 4) played in a guitar orchestra who even dared to play my arrangements, 5) and most importantly met the friends who contributed to my growth as a musician.

news articles aside, its 1 and two halves of subjects down. after today, i realised that english paper 2 (like music) is not something you can study in a day. well but at least its over and have a bit of time to rest and study for maths next wk.

3 of my nails are almost long enough to play already and hurray i found la catedral score and can play some parts of it like never before. :))))

i'm an ib mugger.


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