Sunday, September 09, 2007

it feels surreal to sit in front of the computer and blog now on the night of the eve of the start of prelims.

who would have thought we'd ever make it so far. at the beginning of Year 5 or during the first lessons at 3.15 for that matter the thought of the prelims of the IB exam was well, nonexistent.

decided to take a break and rest during the past 1 1/2 days. which means i'd have to do slightly more work tml for phys and econs, but thats okay. admittedly, this time i dont feel as crazy as the mid years, but of course theres that tinge of fear; after all, it IS the prelims.

today i managed to find the la catedral score that i misplaced (okay lah i forgot where i put it) after my ATCL, and now that my nails are growing back, i find that i can play reasonably faster than in the past. now just waiting for adequate length to grow back so that i wont miss the strings.

well then, all the best to those studying for exams. cya


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