Thursday, September 20, 2007

i am here to announce that i am completely and utterly traumatised by the music written paper.

my time management was all over the place; i started with and took 40min for qn 4 the guitar extract. i took half an hour for dies irae (ironically i was just listening to it on tuesday; i listened to it because it sounded nice, not because i wanted to practice), chionged bartok in half an hour, and had 25 mins each for the last 2 unidentified extracts. it will be a miracle if i pass my last extract, it was like a jazz extract with only a trio playing and hardly any form, and i wrote like the equivalent of 1 side of paper. i wasnt really thinking much during the paper, it was more like.. listen listen listen.. write write write!!

i do hope the 3rd extract really was a neoclassical composition (which i wrote it was) but in this world you can never be sure of anything.

we do need a revolution. there has to be a better way to use that half hour we have for each extract.

and all i want to hear now is silence.


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