Friday, September 21, 2007

concert was a fantastic way to end the week; nothing beats listening to a live performance, with all its little subtle nuances and the awe-inducing silence the esplanade concert hall can contain.

there were some new things that i heard that i didnt pick up when listening to recordings, and the endings of the first and fifth movement were nothing short of spectacular; something to be felt. after studying the work in such depth and then going to listen to a live performance truly helps one to appreciate the performance better. and, yes, all the little inaccuracies made are forgiven, even the compromise of the 2nd harp not being strummed by a wooden stick in the 1st movement haha.

life is like music, fleeting such that each note, each phrase comes and goes and may never return, but yet in the mind can exist an entire structure of notes, phrases and themes which can appear almost all in the same moment, kind of the timelessness described in siddhartha lol.

and so apparently our mini holiday is extended by one more day; teachers are given one more marking day next thursday because of the wednesday declared holiday, which means an extra day for us :P plus honours day on friday = an effectively 1 wk hol.


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