Thursday, August 30, 2007

no more nails

wed 29 aug 2007 will go down as the day in history when, i, well, decided to clip away the nails on my right hand. since sec 2 oep, four and a half years without letting the sharp edges of a nail clipper slice through the hardened skin. yeah baby.

for all you classical guitar noobs out there, no nails = no solid tone, no projection.

i dont really know why i wanted to clip away my nails, maybe i was just cranky or what. it'll save me the half an hour i spend each week sandpapering my nails down to length; perhaps i just wanted to take a risk and try something new.

not that i had anything to lose. i'd have to clip it upon enlistment anyway.

but in the process i could be making a breakthrough.. even though now when i play got no sound (lol) i can play faster than usual. after observing one of segovia's videos, i realise that i could have been playing the rest stroke, or apoyando, wrongly all these years. my nails also could have been too long to push my playing standard further. ironic, but we'll see.

revision for prelims has been brisk, obtaining a 6 in each subject shouldnt be too much of a problem, but getting the 7 is really the challenge as there are no gurantees, not even for music. even after submission after submission of internal assessments. its like telling me i'm not good enough despite trying hard. but nehmind life is unfair, sometimes in your favour, sometimes not.

anyways, with one day to the 'end' of school, or normal lessons at least, it is hard not to feel sentimental. but i shall blog-reminisce tml, after teachers day haha. first time i'm actually getting something for some teachers in 6 years. lol.


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