Friday, August 03, 2007

i shall blog while the memories are still fresh. haha. if not seldom do u see 2 posts a day from me.

the day started out with.. bossa nova breeze + mini percussion solo during assembly. haha. excused from class at 10.

full run. and a little incident that wasnt too nice but i felt that united the orch even more.

news that some pieces were taken out. but in the end it turned out fine.

tech run.

nap at home, dinner, reach school at 5:45.

the anxiety i tell you. lol. other concerts, i get to warm up in playing with the orch. this one dont have. other concerts got several pieces to screw up in. this concert only got a 3min 43s piece to make an impression haha. feels much better now though.

the orch. not looking at the conductor as usual; hasabe was okay.. i'm pretty sure the air con in the cpa which causes hands to freeze is the reason why jalousie, el bimbo and telok blangah (not to mention the school anthem also) to be rushed, some of the pieces almost to the extent of discomfort. but whats a guitar concert without rushing.

the lightning FOC. everyone was like.. 'how he play so fast one?!?' haha well done.

the orch members. standing up for what they believed in. keeping courageously silent. the usual efficient comm: Eugene, Ian, Andre, Edwin, Shaun Lim.

seeing friends, seeing people, groups of friends, people together; makes me reflect on how i invested my time in friends throughout these two years and the four before them. and i believe i've made a good handful of friends who i will keep in touch with for life.

seeing yingda and mx again. prelims in a wk, all the best to y'all :) as usual so much to talk about, so little time. haha. but watching a concert, that you play in, with your friends is a one in a lifetime experience. but next time i shall get shoes that dont make so much noise on exit haha.

the not having to pack up. haha. but overall i think that this concert has ended on a higher note than concerts like frets and the year i played aranjuez. probably cos it ended early and the guitar performers were more committed and less troublesome. somewhat.

the reminder that life in acsi is coming to an end. talking to ms audrey tay about guitar playing and catching up somewhat. talking to mr gaspar and ms ng about their music careers and studies, and discussing future opportunities. tinge of sadness when mr gaspar told me, 'so this would be your very last concert with the acsi guitar orchestra, yah?' this concert must have also one of the most enjoyable concerts for ms ng i guess haha. the debrief today must have been less painful than in the past.

yeap so thats my concert experience. Viva La Musica. no regrets.


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