Saturday, August 18, 2007

i caught a snippet of pokemon the cartoon this morning, and they're like into their number who knows what season already. and even though its been about 4 or 5 years since i stopped watching kids central (yes if you do the maths, its a bit wrong but hey), pokemon still evokes the same feelings as it did when i was just a kid haha.

and then it struck me why pokemon is so successful as a show. yes you may scoff at the characters and that oh so corny storyline of conflict (team rocket appears) and resolution (pikachu zaps team rocket into oblivion), but one thing that struck me the most is the character ash. his goal? 'to catch 'em all', hence his surname Ketchum hurhur. but jokes aside, ash has the basic ambition to be the best, an ambition which is ingrained into many people in society. his actions resonate the rashness of decision making we sometimes have in life, and he does have his failures too, but ultimately he comes up tops. and because of this i feel he appeals to so many, and i see a little reflection of myself in him, too. after all, the first two lines in the very very first opening theme were 'I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was'

and speaking of the power of cartoons, i was learning 'a whole new world' on guitar and i started thinking about the storyline of aladdin, which indeed encapsulates the word 'fantasy'. finding a genie who grants you 3 wishes, picking up a princess and living happily ever after. and not to mention the magic carpet that flies. if only finding romance in reality were that simple haha.

k thats all for now cya.


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