Friday, August 31, 2007


today being the last day of school of term 3, well i just have this feeling where i dont want the sept hols to start and i never want the prelims to come >.<

teachers' day today was quite okay; spent the aces day thingy walking and talking with brendan and oswald along the 4k-ish route. watching the not very spectacular concert. and yes, in the end i couldn't find mrs li. lol. i'd prob give her the card on the same day as music HL prelim.

to sum up, i think we're a privileged batch, being able to get the cream of the crop of many teachers who teach in acs.

i've been quite lucky to get the best of math teachers since sec 2: mrs anna lim, mr shaun choo, mr venu rao, mr azmi, and mr sunil dutt. but i doubt half of them even remember or will remember me haha.

mr patrick soo for physics in sec 3 - 4, mr edwin wong in year 5 (okay la he tried hard), and mr eric wee this year. can count himself one of us already haha.

mr liang chew man and mdm carol low for chem sec 3 - 4, even though i dont take chem anymore lol.

the humanities teachers are more of contrasts though.

ihs: okay they aren't much of contrasts, but i do appreciate both mr brian chirnside and mrs elaine lee, sec 3 - 4.

econs: mr joseph wong in year 5 vs ms alice tan this year. hahaha. ms alice tan is really one of the teachers i respect the most, despite being really strict. she really knows her stuff.

english: i think i shall only mention those worth mentioning haha. the rest left us to do quite a bit of self-learning. mr steven ng in year 5, also class teacher but left for greener pastures, and of course ms thiru, kind and caring language arts teacher in sec 3 - 4, tok teacher year 5 - 6.

and of course music. enough said hahahaha.

well then thats my short summary. dont really have much emo juices running through me now, so shall end here :)


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