Sunday, August 26, 2007

finished arranging Circle Of Life from lion king for guitar orchestra over wednesday to friday, brought back many fond childhood memories. but its not for ACSGO, its for GENUS (plus some primary school students mr choo is teaching). first time someone actually asked me to arrange a piece, i couldn't say no hahaha. wonder if i would even get to hear it tho.

well then, with 2 wks to the prelims, i can't help realising how fleeting time is, and that theres only 1 real wk of sch left before the ib exams. well then i guess over these 2 years many things have happened, but one thing which always strikes me is the friends made. many acquaintances, but relatively few very close friends. but i'm just really glad for the very few close friends, most from .15 04/05 who continue to sit at the same table sometimes during recess even now, some new friends from .13 06/07 (yes justin i think you can classify yourself under .13 already). even got award for someone who spent 6 years with me in the same class.. can you believe it, 6 years. *drumroll* its kenneth lui!! hahaha. if you're reading this, thanks, its been fun, and, interesting haha.

so even as the experience is ending, i'm still at a loss what i want to do at uni, surprise surprise. there are just too many factors to consider, and now i just want to focus on my studies first. after all if God were to give us the answers to all our dreams right here right now there wouldn't be any need to trust him, right?

okay time is of the essence, gtg.


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