Wednesday, August 15, 2007

beware all you year 5 and future ib students.

one day you will be cursing ioc like how owen expounds on the pity of war and how soyinka expresses his contempt for racism and corrupt dictatorial leaderships.

not only that, you will have to put up with your friends talking to you in the language of Lear and giving you random quotes, plus analysis of your every action and word.

but for the record, today is the last day i'll have to be slugging over that terrible bundle of notes, and going to school to have 3 out of 4 useless lessons where the only thing you can do is talk cock or, yes, practice ioc.

and in the near future, i predict that they will give a study break of like 2 or 3 days every time there is something like ioc or a major deadline, e.g. EE. foreshadowed by the fact of how many people ponn sch just to study or complete the essays. hmph.


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