Wednesday, August 01, 2007

being a performer has its perks, but sometimes it just appears to be plain tiring.

it was great to be back in the presence of the GO again during rehearsal for FOA this friday, and, i'm pleased to say that i'm proud to belong to the ACS Guitar Orchestra :)

from the way things are easy going most of the time, the 'maximum output with minimum effort' mentality, all the way to seeing how andre's ego is still experiencing hyperinflation, to the lightning trio performance of FOC.

but of course tiring la.. practice until 7. poor things. makes me think back to the days of frets.. the organisation was tight cos those in charge were all friends and all knew the big picture quite well. we could also pull of more stunts back then like the please turn off your handphones intro, how deep is your love by year 5s, and of course the cartoon medley :P

ahh well. my fleeting 3 minutes and 43 seconds claim to fame this concert will be hard earned haha. waiting for 3 hours to play 3 minutes isnt really my cup of tea. sometimes i do wish i was still playing with the orch. nothing really parallels stuff like playing the 'head bobbing rhythms and driving melodies' of el bimbo, or playing in the action of a bach concerto. no matter how hard any preparation for a concert is, the feeling after the performance is always amazing.

yeap k then thats all for now.


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