Friday, June 22, 2007

hello again. okay i know this is a little late, but anyhows.

wednesday went to see the band concert (i think i can become ac band alumni.. i attend at least a concert a year for 6 years already haha). watching the performances kind of evokes a sense of nostalgia.. of my own performances: of leading, and of the retarded cracks pulled off on stage, of playing solo.

it's been 3 full months since the last concert, and i've reached a stage where i wonder whether i'll ever get to perform like i did again. i know i shouldnt be thinking this stuff since exams are coming up and i should be, well, studying.. but well.. i guess if you dont keep pushing yourself at something to the next level, theres only one way it can go: down. yeah yeah getting emo.

scherherazade was truly amazing, i heard it on cd once and was quite forgettable.. but its a different thing to be there and feel the music. but of cos the highlight has to be the brass sextet, eh? how often does acjc band get someone who does trumpet for first instrument.

what's next? 2 weeks of exams. haha.

maybe a live performance of angelina on classical? blah. haha.


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