Saturday, June 23, 2007


as the last moments of the holidays fade away, i have decided that... i will not study for the last hours before school reopens. =)

at least this hols will be the last (well ok lah 2nd last) hols that arent really a hols. but ah well when we all start working the term 'TGIF' would never be stronger.

today was reading wikipedia about transformers (yes not the physics one). and found out that the storyline is very convoluted indeed. i didnt really follow the transformers tv series, but the one i watched during my time was beast wars.. the most coherent of all the hybrids. and so i'm looking forward to transformers the film when my exams end in two weeks time (even though it opens officially on 28th june -.-)

alright then. happy mugging!! mugger muggles. haha.


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